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Nordic Connector - The Kvarken Fixed Connection - See new 2024 Nordic Connector- presentation in english

Nordic Connector - The Kvarken Fixed Connection - See new 2024 video in finnish

Nordic Connector - Merenkurkun kiinteä yhteys - Katso uusi 2024 Nordic Connector esitys suomeksi

Nordic Connector - Fast förbindelse över Kvarken - 2024 Nordic Connector presentation på svenska

Coastal, offshore and arctic engineering – cost effective solutions - See VIDEO on development of steel shell technology

Ice engineering – superior know how - See VIDEO on ice engineering research

Environmental consulting – putting issues into perspective
- Find out why the economic fundamentals of Finland and the euro area are collapsing

Dr. Esa Eranti founded Eranti Engineering Oy in 1993 to provide world class expert services in arctic, coastal and offshore engineering with hard core of comptence in ice engineering. Environmental consulting soon became important part of the service menu. We typically get involved in the early phases of the project.

If you are looking for a partner with the experience, know-how and courage to think out of the box and solve your problems, we invite you to contact us.

The world of Eranti Engineering Oy.

A letter of recommendation is found here, pdf document.

We occasionally do pro bono work for private individuals, small businesses and associations.